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I'm a student at  Çağ University. I have taken virtual worlds  lessons. There is a second life education the that class. We have been investigated that project homework in SL. When we take the project homework.There are too significant subtitles in the project homework. Those are; experience a virtual world (in this case Second Life) environment to learn about virtual businesses and compare their operations to real world business operations of the same type, and to gain research experience and to report their findings.


Firstly, I have two friends with me in project homework. We have look for who has business or employees in SL. We had gone in search of during two days. I have hunt up who has avatars' name Coral. I have been communed with  her during two days in SL. I and they have many questions what does she do in SL. I told her about some question about that.


Secondly, I have learned her job and how long has she been over there.When did she login the SL and each part of our lessons issues , I was reported the her. Absolutely, she had helped me for ours’ project homework. She was worked Muddy's Cafe in SL. In addition to this cafe's names  has  PG club names with colloquially.She is a host that clubs’. She is the host next to the DJ on stage.  She greet everyone, chat up the crowd and enforce the club rules.Besides, she has makes at least L$1000 per shift, usually L$2-3000.  On a good night 4-5.


Finally, I have meet to her and made a friend each other.You can work and earn the money in SL. You might have communicated with someone well in Second life. 

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